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Conduct on-line interviews and text analysis without the involvement of an external agency.

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Our system enables:
On-line interviews

Interviews take the form of a chat, there is no need to download any software. The only thing you need is a computer with an Internet connection. You can invite any number of participants.

Text analyses

A quick and clear method of sifting through a lengthy text, options of indicating the most frequent themes or searching for significant passages. Easy way of exporting results to MS Word and Excel.

  • Distributed access to documents.
    Process data simultaneously with the rest of your team, wherever you are.
  • SaaS - working in the cloud.
    Our solution follows the current trend of eliminating the need to download software to your computer. This means you can access your data from any location.
  • Anonymity.
    Create a comfortable environment in which you can talk to your target group.
  • Distributed access to documents.
    Process data simultaneously with the rest of your team, wherever you are.
  • SaaS - working in the cloud.
    Our solution follows the current trend of eliminating the need to download software to your computer. This means you can access your data from any location.
  • Anonymity.
    Create a comfortable environment in which you can talk to your target group.

Discover the advantages of on-line research

For the market research sector

Don't waste your time on manually marking, cutting and pasting fragments of a text - the computer can do that just as well, while you will have more time for interpreting the material and writing conclusions. Use our tools for text analysis - they will help you sift through large portions of a text, find the most important themes and outtakes.

You can also choose on-line interviews - an anonymous method of a group interview. On-line research allows you to reach everyone, including people that would otherwise be very difficult to recruit: those always-busy experts or groups spread over a very large geographical area. You can talk about any subjects (also very personal ones), or simply have a quick brainstorming session.

For HR

Find out what your employees really think. As you can guarantee anonymity, you will be able to learn about their genuine needs, motivations and opinions.

  • 270/360 assessment
  • assessment of interpersonal relations
  • employee satisfaction
  • development talks, but in a "safer", non-face-to-face form
  • motivations
  • general feel among the staff
  • ... and many other matters

For advertising

Don't forget that ideas can be verified through research at every stage of their implementation. By asking potential consumers about opinions, you will create a product that matches their needs and expectations. You will also be sure that the message you send to your target group is loud and clear.

  • verifying advertisement concepts
  • assessing marketing campaigns
  • developing graphical elements: trademarks, logotypes (perception research), leaflets, website layouts
  • brand image
  • assessing consumers' reactions and attitudes toward advertisement content

Learn about the tools.

Conduct a focus or an on-line interview, analyse texts.

Precision in analyses
Find what was previously hidden

A lengthy text presents a challenge to even the most diligent reader. Our software will assist you in analysing the material, so that you can notice the important bits, know what to put in your report and what else you should learn through further questions.


This tool enables detailed and automated analysis. It will point out the most important themes and find how frequently they were mentioned. But it's not all up to the machine - you can check, for instance, if (and if so, how often) a given item has been referred to in different words (e.g. "cigs" or "smokes"). In such case, you can combine the frequency of several words to get a more accurate result. Using this feature, you will be able to determine which verbs, nouns or other parts of speech appear in the analysed material.


this tool enables tagging the content you find most relevant. It can be used by several people simultaneously, so you can work on the material with your whole team. Each marked passage can be assigned to categories you create for a given research. You can always check which text contained a given outtake. After you finish processing the material, you can export all selected passages to MS Excel.


it complements the marker tool, adding the possibility of finding links between various categories or subcategories. It uses a simple graphical representation to show if and how one category ... You are free to define any links you wish to look for.

In their statements (278 words in total) people referred more often to family (54 words, which constitutes 19% of all content) than to work (25 words, 9%). 19 words could be assigned to both categories.


this tool finds pairs of words or expressions that are often used together. Collocations are words that a group of people commonly uses in combination with certain other words, or words that, when used together, sound "natural" to all native speakers of a given language. You can specify which two or more words you consider a collocation. This is a quick and effective way of learning about insights.


This feature automatically calculates several indicators that allow you to infer conclusions as to the linguistic proficiency of the interviewed group or individuals. The result comes in a neat graphical form and can be included in your research report.


Useful if you have to work on a longer text. It enables you to quickly check if each participant voiced his/her opinion. You can also verify if a given portion of a text is in Polish or English.

Plan your research globally

The possibility to work simultaneously on a single research project enables you to form interdisciplinary teams. In line with current trends, our solutions doesn't require you to install any software or your computer. Your convenience and ease of work is our top priority. In on-line interviews the budget gives you options instead of limiting them.

No need to install software

Neither the interviewees nor the interviewer have to install any software. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. Participants appear under nicknames they choose, which means everyone is granted a complete anonymity. In return, you can expect honesty and unhindered involvement.

Don't fill your (or worse, someone else's) hard drive with yet another piece of software.


Some people don't hesitate to reveal their opinions or experience - for instance, of using a given product. However, it is not always that easy. We all seek social acceptance and approval, and sometimes we are afraid to speak out mind in fear we will not find it.

On-line research skips this problem altogether. No-one can be seen, everyone is anonymous. There is no reason to hide your thoughts. Do your customers really think your product is intuitive to use, or are they simply ashamed to admit that they struggle with it?

Interactive scenario

Before conducting an interview, create its scenario. The more questions you have prepared in advance, the more time you will have to follow the discussion and react to unforeseen situations. A pre-set timer on display will allow you to manage the available time and touch on all subjects just as you planned.

Interactive scenario is a tool that optimises your work and helps you conduct the interview.

On-line focuses are inexpensive

Focus on content, not form.

A face-to-face focus = catering + travel expenses reimbursement + transcript cost + recruitment cost and participation fees + recording equipment rental cost

An on-line focus = recruitment cost and participation fees only

The price of a focus includes the possibility of using any amount of graphic / infographic material / video clips / music. Invite any number of people, depending only on what you think will ensure a valuable discussion. You determine the duration of the interview, design and implement your research. We provide tools.

Our customers

"Thanks to FOCUSSON, our researchers could work simultaneously on all transcripts (150 in-depth interviews), quickly creating typologies and descriptions (...)"

"The project (...) was implemented very professionally and efficiently. We are satisfied with everyone's work on it."

"(...) we were able to invite all alumni (...), including those living outside Wrocław or even Poland, to participate in the interview. (...) They could participate in our research without incurring any additional costs."

"The linguistics tool allowed us to monitor certain indicators, for instance the Giroud Index, that reveal students' fluency in English."

Price List

In on-line qualitative research, the budget gives you options instead of limiting them.

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** if you purchase at least 6-month long access,
the monthly price is reduced to $300

On-line interviews

  • limited
    maxium 15 interviewees
  • limited
    maxium 3h of the interview
  • unlimited
    number of available mini-questionnaires
  • unlimited
    use of multimedia in interviews
  • interactive scenario

Text analyses

  • distributed access
    for any number of researchers
  • unlimited
    amount of research material
  • results access control
    individually assigned access rights
  • exporting data
    to MS Word and Excel
  • Polish and English dictionary

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