Cloud Software for Qualitative Data Analysis
and Online Focus Groups in the cloud

Start online focus today and analyze its transcription in semi-automatic way.
You can analyze any text you want to learn insights hidden in it.

"Thanks to FOCUSSON, our researchers could work simultaneously on all transcripts (150 in-depth interviews), quickly creating typologies and descriptions (...)"

"The linguistics tool allowed us to monitor certain indicators, for instance the Giroud Index, that reveal students' fluency in English."

"(...) we were able to invite all alumni (...), including those living outside Wrocław or even Poland, to participate in the interview. (...) They could participate in our research without incurring any additional costs."

"The project (...) was implemented very professionally and efficiently. We are satisfied with everyone's work on it."


Online Focus Groups

Conduct an interview with people from around the world. Do not stress them with a camera, talk to them in their natural environment. You do not see each other, which promotes sincerity. You will learn the real insights and language and thoughts of your target group. Talk today!

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Software to Qualitative Data Analysis

Tag text, create coding systems in a team spread around the world. You can work at the same time, write comments, create a partial report almost during the study, or just after it. We do not limit your work to online interviews, you can work on the text from various studies, on each word file.

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online Focus Groups

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software to Qualitative Data Analysis

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invite as many coworkers as you wont

tools to create a partial report

conclusions written on a regular basis

dedicated Company’s domain

account in the focusson domain


Analysis software available in Polish and English

encrypted data

the data is SSL encrypted

cloud software


No time for learning?

Our short films and graphics can show you step by step how to use every functionality of FOCUSSON

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